Welcome to Festive Evening...from a distance!

Watch, enjoy and celebrate with River Hospital!

Thank you for joining River Hospital's Festive Evening...from a distance. Funding needs this year fall into two categories: River Hospital's COVID-19 Response Fund and our Capital Equipment Fund. See below for links to support each fund, and more for information.


COVID-19 Response Fund: This past Spring has been unprecedented for all of us, and the last few months have served to show in great relief, just how important it is for us to be prepared for anything. Donating to our COVID-19 Response Fund will help offset revenue losses due to COVID-19 and help the Hospital and staff through these challenging times. 

Capital Equipment Fund: In order to outfit our newly renovated spaces with updated equipment and support our frontline workers, River Hospital has capital equipment funding needs that total over $400,000 in 2020. Equipment needs span multiple departments and naming opportunities are available.

Thank you for joining us for Festive Evening...from a distance, and for your unwavering support of River Hospital. If you are interested in learning more about planned giving, naming opportunities or River Hospital's Endowment Fund, please contact Stephanie Weiss at 315.486.2920. 

Accessible by boat and car, we pride ourselves on delivering high quality inpatient care, emergency services and outpatient services for routine and diagnostic testing. River Family Health Center offers a variety of primary care services, on premise, for the entire family. Our Ambulatory Surgical Unit offers same day surgery on an outpatient basis for a number of specialties. River Hospital Convenient Care offers same day non-emergency appointments

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