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River Hospital is proud to offer state-of-the-art radiologic technology to the River Communities.

River Hospital offers many general and specialized radiography exams. The department is staffed by Board Certified Radiologists and Registered Technologists. Services include: 3D Mammography, Fluoroscopy, Emergency and Routine X-ray, CT, Ultrasound, and Bone Densitometry.

The department has 24-hour emergency and inpatient coverage. Routine X-ray walk-ins are welcome Monday -Friday 7:00am to 8:00pm. Outpatient procedures are by appointment and can be scheduled by calling 315.482.1156. For any questions on our Radiology services, call 315.482.1122.  

  • Mammography

    Women in Alexandria Bay and the surrounding river communities now access to the most advanced mammograms available, close to home at River Hospital. River Hospital has upgraded to 3D mammography, also known as digital breast tomosynthesis.  A 3D mammogram is very similar to any other mammogram experience for the patient, adding only seconds onto the examination length. But this new screening technology provides a three-dimensional image of the breast using several low-dose X-ray images from different angles. Providers can see a clearer image of the breast tissue allowing for earlier detection of breast cancer, and earlier detection of breast cancer has been proven to help save lives.   

    Benefits of 3D mammography include:

    • More accurate detection
    • Earlier diagnosis
    • Better detection in dense breast tissue
    • Less anxiety by reducing unnecessary callbacks

    We also offer a digital, fixed base stereotactic biopsy system. This breast biopsy system allows for a minimally invasive procedure with increased patient comfort and has the ability of identifying the smallest calcifications, allowing for a more precise and efficient diagnosis. 

    River Hospital is a certified Softer Mammogram Provider, a distinction awarded only to an elite group of healthcare facilities. Same day reads are available by a Board-Certified Radiologist. 

    Mammography appointments are available: Monday - Friday 7:00am - 3:30 pm. Saturday appointments may be available. Please call 315.482.1156 to schedule your appointment. 

    River Hospital is an American College of Radiography Accredited Mammography Imaging Facility. 

  • CT Scanner

    River Hospital now offers patients advanced diagnostic imaging with its new SOMATOM Perspective 64-Slice CT Scanner. This Innovative CT Scanner delivers high image quality and low radiation dose for all patients. It is the newest and one of the most important technologies in preventative medicine, providing dramatic image detail and resolution that allows for even greater accuracy in detecting who is at risk for heart disease, early cancers, or many other diseases. That translates into earlier and more effective treatment for patients. All the scans are done with special low-dose protocols, resulting in up to 40% less radiation exposure compared to a conventional CT scan. Its open design also makes it a better option for those who are claustrophobic.  

  • Bone Densitometer

    River Hospital utilizes the LUNAR bone densitometer for axial measurement of bone density. The diagnosis of osteoporosis is facilitated by bone mineral density (BMD) measurement of the lumbar spine and hip using dual energy X-ray absorption (DXA). This highly sensitive densitometer identifies bone loss at the major fracture sites, such as the femur and spine, in just minutes. In addition to the standard sites we also offer: Dual Femur measurement to assess the average density of both femurs for confident patient management; and Total Body measurement for both bone density and body fat assessment. This is an excellent tool to assess weight loss therapies and endocrine/growth disorders for pediatric and adult patients with secondary osteoporosis.
  • Ultrasound

    The ACUSON 700 ultrasound machine from Siemens is versatile and expands the range of testing available at River Hospital, such as obstetrical exams, breast exams, abdomen and pelvic exams, arterial and venous exams, and testicular evaluation. Compact and mobile yet uncompromisingly efficient, the ACUSON 700 is truly versatile with its imaging capabilities. Exceptional clinical performance is possible across a wide range of imaging applications including general abdominal, cardiac, and OB/GYN.